Coronavirus information

From today, 19th July, England moves to the final stage of easing of COVID restrictions. This means almost all legal restrictions on social contact will be removed.

Our priority at Sheffcare is the safety of our residents, balanced with the positive benefits to wellbeing that come from relatives, friends & loved ones visiting. This means that we will be maintaining our infection control measures which help prevent the spread of the virus so that we can keep residents, relatives and staff safe.

From today, residents are no longer limited to having five named visitors.

Visits will still take place in designated areas, so that we can ensure rooms are sanitised after every visit. As each home is different, please liaise with the home manager, who will support you to visit your loved one. Each home manager will be able to advise you on how visiting will work in their home and will support you to arrange visits for your relative. This means that visits will still need to be pre-arranged. If you are able to allow time to make arrangements beforehand this will be a great help, but it still may be possible for you to visit at relatively short notice if there is space available.

Visitors will still be required to wear a face covering, but will no longer be required to wear gloves or aprons for indoor visits.

We will still require all visitors to take a lateral flow test before their visit – we know that this can be inconvenient but this is still one of the most important ways of keeping the virus out of our homes. Relatives are still able to order tests which can be done at home just before the visit.

Pod visits and garden visits will carry on as before with no change.

To ensure that everyone’s visit can run smoothly we’ll still run an appointment system but visits won’t be supervised unless anyone needs extra assistance.

Visits out of the care home can still take place in all areas whether indoor or outdoor however it is recommended social distancing is maintained, avoiding close physical contact and crowded areas.

Government guidance still recommends that physical contact be avoided or kept to a minimum.

We are very conscious that COVID is still spreading rapidly through the community, and this is only likely to increase as restrictions are lifted, which is why we are taking a cautious approach. We will keep this under review and we always encourage you to talk to us if you have any suggestions or concerns.

In addition, our staff will continue to undergo frequent COVID testing and those who can work remotely will continue to do so.

Our residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID and other infections and we will do everything we can to keep them safe and reduce the risk of a chain of transmission that could lead to them contracting the virus.

The data is showing us that the Delta variant made up over 98% of recent COVID cases and we know that the numbers of people infected are increasing every day. We also know that Delta is more infectious than previous COVID variants that have dominated the numbers in the UK.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email


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