As the end of life for a loved one approaches, there will be a need to know that they are comfortable, cared for and loved. It’s also natural to feel anxious and unsure about what will happen and what symptoms there might be.

With ten homes across the city of Sheffield, Sheffcare is dedicated to meeting the needs of older people, providing care with dignity and compassion right up until the end of life. Having had the privilege to care for your relative or loved one during their time with us we are here to help provide support, comfort and guidance for you at this sad and often difficult time.

End of Life care plan
We will develop an End of Life care plan which meets the individual needs of your loved one and is also based upon (if available) their expressed wishes, spiritual and emotional needs.

We welcome your involvement in this process so please talk to us.

Being involved in the care
If you wish to be involved in the care of your relative or friend just let us know.

However, please don’t feel under any pressure to be involved as we recognise that providing care at the end of life can be difficult; just rest assured that our staff will give all the care and attention that is needed.

Our main aim at this time is to maintain comfort and dignity so you may notice changes in the way we give care.

What changes can I expect at the end of life?
People at the end of life can display a variety of symptoms, some of which are described here along with how we can help to manage them.

People do not always experience pain but should your loved one be in pain we will work with their G.P and other professionals to help provide comfort and pain management.

Eating and drinking
Eating and drinking can become difficult at the end of life. We provide care and management by ensuring comfort of the mouth and encouraging small amounts of nutrition and fluids.

Confusion, restlessness and agitation
These symptoms can take many forms; people may become confused about the time and place and are sometimes unable to recognise familiar faces. If you are finding this a difficult experience talk with a member of our staff; they will provide support.

Personal care
We will make sure that all personal care needs are met whilst ensuring that comfort and dignity is maintained at all times.

At the end of life, breathing can become irregular, noisy and stop for short periods.

This is normal at this stage so please don’t be alarmed. If you are troubled talk to a member of our staff who may be able to reassure you.

Caring for you too
We realise that this is a very difficult time for you and hope that understanding what is happening makes it a little easier. Whether you want to talk to someone about your relative’s care or about how you are feeling yourself, we are here for you so please don’t hesitate to ask.

We can make a room and refreshments available to you should you wish.


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